You came out of Your way. You sat down to speak to me. What amazing Grace that You’ve shown so patiently. And You waited, for me, just for me! You knew my past and covered my shame. Where would I be if You left me, God? I don’t want to know.

With so many outside influences vying for our attention the luxury of patiently waiting for anything has almost become extent.  This electronic age we're living in keeps us so wired that we wake up married to our devices.  Yet, God waits patiently on a daily basis for us to reconnect with him. 

What a sobering thought seeing God patiently waiting on us!  Waiting for us to see our self-worth.  Waiting for us to cease from sexual promiscuousness. Waiting for us to be found suffused in the "good thing" with honor and grace.  Waiting for us to write the business plan.  Waiting for us to genuinely forgive others and to move forward.  Or waiting for us to see ourselves through His eyes and not others!

Contrary to our belief, it's his amazing grace that's covered our shame during multiple seasons of exercising our free will, not our families, socio-economic status, spouses or girlfriends!  If we were brutally honest with ourselves about "where would I be if you left me God?" it would be a resounding "I'd be lost"!  Today, take a moment to reflect upon a particular season where God's grace held back the viciousness of the storm.  Why?  Because he was patiently waiting for you to choose His will, not yours!   I don't know about you but this is my truth, I don't want to know where I would be if God hadn't patiently waited for me!  What about you? Where would you be if God had or were to leave you now?