Meet Tiajuana Pittman


wife, mother, grandmother, Apostle, pastor, counselor, radio personality 

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To know me is to know that I'm Simply "T" — a uniquely unpolished woman whose deepest passion is being relevant, relatable and approachable with other uniquely unpolished women!  A woman who unapologetically believes in meeting people right where they are on their journey.  A woman who created the Uniquely Unpolished Blog specifically with you in mind. I'm an unpolished trailblazer whose game-changer approach to "colliding with our truth" and "embracing the process of being processed" is proven viable among women of all ethnicities by strengthening their core ability to embrace the distinctiveness of their God-given uniqueness through the life-changing grace of Jesus Christ. 

I am Founder and Pastor of Refreshing Springs Global Church of God ("RSGCOG"), a non-denominational Church where solid biblical principles and integrity are always front and center.  A passionate and practical teacher of God's Word, I love seeing the unpolished transformed and soaring in their God-given uniqueness.  I'm Founder and President of Strait Talkin' With Pastor "T" ("STWPT"), a women's support group where women of all ethnicity, age, race and socioeconomic background are empowered and afforded an opportunity in a non-threatening environment to indulge in dialogue about relevant and relatable issues.  The interactive sessions teach women how to unapologetically tackle culturally taboo issues about sex, marriage, depression, race and an array of other women-related topics.  I'm also President and CEO of DFAM Enterprises, LLC where men, women, children, singles, divorcees, and widows receive empowerment counseling for life, career, marital, or financial concerns through diverse multi-tiered Empowerment Counseling Sessions ("ECS").  As a former radio personality, host and writer of the “Refreshing Moment with Dr. Tiajuana Pittman” broadcasts which aired from 2008-2012 on Praise 104.1 (Washington, DC) Praise 100.9 (Charlotte, NC) Praise 102.5 (Atlanta, GA) and Praise 92.1 (Houston, TX),  I not only enjoy delving into the deep crevices of a woman's truth, I emphatically embrace opportunities to be authentically expressive about my own journey in becoming healed without scars.  I like it raw and candid but intimate and unapologetic!

What brings me inexpressible joy is the supporting of my husband Bishop Michael in life and ministry, and partnering with our five adult children in the nurturing of our grand and great-grandchildren, which is my greatest honor, and accomplishment in life.