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Much like Moses who didn't blow up and become the deliverer of his people until he endured his God-assigned unknown season.  Why?  Because improper access to the platform would've been detrimental not only to the Israelites but to you and I too!  (Exodus 2-40 and Deuteronomy)

Make no mistake, the greatest example setter known to mankind is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  Scripture in John 1:11 (ESV) says " He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him."  Sometimes God will interrupt (God-allowed detours) our plans in order to deter us from becoming self-absorbed through our association with other people.  In Isaiah 53:3 (NIV) Scripture says "He was despised and rejected by mankind, a man of suffering, and familiar with pain.  Like one from whom people hide their faces, he was despised, and we held him in low esteem." 

Have you ever considered the spiritual benefits of being overlooked and undervalued?  For many years during the unknown season, I pondered upon God's purpose for my life and ministry. I knew I had a purpose, however, I erred in thinking its fruition was contingent upon the popularity and acceptability of man's approval of God's will and timing. 

Contrary to our belief system, our self-worth and value cannot be found in things and people but only in God.  Might we be provoked to thought about how we process our self-worth and value according to Ed Steele at EdSteeleWorship.com which says: 

"Misplaced understanding of our self-worth is another reason that some resist confession of guilt.  When self-worth is based on our perceived performance, failure to perform adequately destroys the image we see and measure ourselves by and we will do almost anything for the self-preservation of who we think we are or believe that others think we are. The truth is that our worth comes from what Jesus Christ has does for us, not from what we might be able to do.  That's part of the beauty of God's grace."

In John Grays's book entitled "I am Number 8" he poignantly describes as a kid his adolescent years in Cincinnati, Ohio who was laughed at because he had buck teeth and alopecia.  He was the goofy virgin with acne who couldn't get a date.  Not only is he unashamedly transparent, he epitomizes a modern-day pursuit of the costliness of being "unknown for the platform."  Like myself, he acknowledges that "I had to stop trying to find my worth in what I did for God and start living for God."  Now that's real talk because as women our "approval" rate should not be predicated on performance, but rather our effectiveness in the Kingdom! 

He states "what God wanted to do with me was rare.  That's why it took so long.  I suppose I'm living in a season of favor right now that I tried to access nearly twenty years ago.  But God didn't want me doing what I do now back then."   What a sobering thought to ponder.  What if our greatest frustration comes from our attempts to access the platform during an unauthorized season?  You see, whenever we attempt to access platforms absent God's grace the phenomena is always short-lived.  Like Pastor John Gray, I also had "character, maturity and vision issues" in need of God's cultivating hand in my desert places.  He states that "it took laboring in painful isolation where I was unseen and misunderstood to develop into the person God could use for His purpose - not mine." 

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