Let this be a sacrifice.
Let me dedicate my life to worship You.
We were made for loving You.
I’m a lover of Your Presence.

For many years, I believed being a sacrifice meant to simply go against the grain of my fleshly desires; not the attitude of my heart.  And if we're brutally honest about worship, many of us thought it pertains to a part of our Sunday services.  You see, the harmonic sound of worship is the tangible heart streaming of a volcanic encounter flowing through unquestionable surrender.  In other words, it's when the contingencies of one's circumstances cease to exist as the worshiper becomes transformed in God's Presence. 

When was the last time the liquid love of God captivated you? You see, it's in turbulent seasons of sorrow, betrayal and yes, even financial and emotional bankruptcy we unapologetically become lovers of His Presence.  Why?  Because our sacrificial offerings are purest when God fans the embers of our soul for His glory, even while the storm rages!

Now ruminate on that for a minute . . . . .