You are here moving in our midst.
You are here working in this place.
I WORSHIP You! I WORSHIP You. Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness. My God, that is who YOU are!

Before I understood WHO I was to worship, I worshipped many things, including people and places. In time I learned the theological perspective of worship, but it wasn’t until I encountered His Presence through worship I was granted the ineffable experience of the ONE to whom I was created to worship! The thought-provoking lyrics of this melodic piece of intimate worship serves as a reminder of God’s sifting in my life over the years. Like live stream television, I found myself mesmerized, engaged and reflective of His hand divinely intervening time and time again on my behalf.

As seasons of making a way “out of no way” (emotionally, financially, mentally and spiritually) flood the deep crevices of my heart, I found myself gasping for air at the mere thought of Jesus not showed up as a “Way Maker." Or cringing at the thought of carrying my daughter Tiyauna full-term only to have the life-threatening experience of the umbilical cord becoming entangled around her neck and not see Jesus anything less than a “Miracle Worker.” In times of hopelessness, it wasn’t worshipping of the Bible, but the promises of the One whom it spoke of as being “faithful and true.” He promised I’d conquer the psychological complexities of fatherlessness, the emotional rollercoaster of rage and the frustrating posture of distrust when I embraced Him as the “Promise Keeper” - the one Who couldn’t or wouldn’t renege on what he’d promised. It’s true. It was the cascading truth of worshipping Him for Who He is before the situation ever changed that I changed and saw Him as a “Light in the Darkness”!

True worship is the LORD meandering the arteries of our soul, the crevices of our hearts and the depth of our spirits while strengthening us for change and revealing Himself as “The Change” in the midst of it all!

Now ruminate on that for a minute . . . . .