TODD DULANEY (feat. Shana W. Williams) - KING OF GLORY

KING OF GLORY fill this place
We just wanna be with YOU.
Just wanna be with YOU!
Romans 9:26

As a little girl I used to worship the ground, my uncle, Donnie walked on! He was the epitome of cool. I idolized his trailblazing styles and melancholy mannerism. His uncanny ability to intertwine the brutalness of street life with gut-wrenching laughter was priceless! Because I was so young, most of the time he didn’t want me to tag along. But for no other reason, I just wanted to be with him. Well, maybe that’s not all true. Most of the time he would let me do cool things or buy me something from the ice cream truck. Many years after his untimely death, I realized he was my first introduction to baseless worship until Jesus came on the scene.

New to the faith, I found myself unable to comprehend the spontaneity in which Christians erupted into moans of self-transcendent and ecstasy towards worshipping Jesus. Until one day while listening to Kirk Franklin’s “We Worship Your Name” I encountered what I like to call the “liquid love” of Jesus! Not only had His glory filled the room, bringing me face-to-face with the frailty of my humanity, I’d encountered the compelling Presence of Him with whom I wanted nothing but just to be with Him!

No matter where you are on your personal walk with the Lord, whether newly converted or intimately seasoned, He promises when we “seek him, we’ll find him, when we search for him with our whole heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13). You see, “how” we worship reveals our “selflessness” and “who” we worship acknowledges the allegiance of our surrender!