The Exactness of the Incision


So, what happened?  Hannah embraced the process of being processed and made a conscious decision to stop pretending!  She dismantled the false personalities, abandoned the shame and disappointment while acknowledging she was in a situation only God could fix. Perhaps the reason we're not seeing undeniable change in certain areas of our lives is because it's not our true desire.  In order to obtain authentic change, we must stop worshipping and deifying the issue and worship Christ?  (John 4:24)  If

a change is an act and worship is a choice, then whatever we magnify will unmistakably manifest itself in our lives. Someone once said '"Hardships are part of the journey too.  Jesus metes them out ever so carefully, in just the right dosage, with a tenderness you can hardly imagine."  So do not recoil from afflictions, since they are among God's most favored gifts.'"  (Psalms 119:71)  Hannah realized that in the most adverse circumstances and no matter how illogical it appeared giving up was not an option!  Although the maturation process is personal and uniquely designed by God Himself, I am hopeful these four practical components will help you embrace the process of surrendering the unsurrendered: 

Four Components to Surrendering the Unsurrendered

IDENTIFY (Call it by its name)

  • A scar is an incrustation that forms over a sore or wound during the healing process.
  • A wound is an injury involving emotional divisions resulting sometimes in unattended, unaddressed and undetected hurts.

CONFRONT (Expose the origin of its inception)

  • When someone hurts you they temporarily have power over you, but when you don't forgive they have control over you.

DISMANTLE (Defuse it of its power)

  • Whenever there is an extreme mannerism, vocality, withdrawal and disdain for someone or something there's a deficiency.

UNMASK (Allow God to touch it)

  • Embrace the process and become detached from the aftermath of the pain.

The Cost of Painful Effort

In a time in history, when infertility earned a woman both scorn and ridicule Hannah refused to believe that her challenge was permanent.  She prayed sincerely, specifically and sacrificially even when rebuked by an uncomprehending priest and God rewarded her surrendered heart with a son, Samuel.  With a thankful heart, she remained steadfast in her word to dedicate her son to the service of the Lord. 

To many of us the cost might seem to have been too high, but to Hannah the cost of self-awareness and surrender (relinquishment of self-will) yielded an ineffable dividend in the life of her son, Samuel who played a key role as a prophet in the life of King David and whose influence outlived him as he gave great impetus to the prophetic movement of his day.