For many of us, the complexities of celebritism are equated with one's ability or inability to maintain a wealthy status, as opposed to the origin of their fruitfulness during an unknown season. 

We live in a time where our infatuation with face recognition has blinded us to the normalcy of righteousness and ratchetness colliding in epic proportion on our social media pages.  Where colorism (which is nothing short of internal racism within a same ethnic group) continues to silently ravage women of all ethnicities (African American, Latino, Hispanic Brazilian or Asian) of their inner-worth due to a lack of understanding the process of unknown!

From Beyonce's history-making performance as the first African American woman to perform on the main stage at the Coachella Festival in Indio, California and the controversial release of Snoop Dogg's gospel album entitled Bible of Love, they both can be seen as testaments who endured the process of unknown.  You see the process of unknown will either suffocate or refine the uniqueness of one's passion. 

Too often we self-suffocate during the process because of either our impatience with God or our unrealistic comparisons with other women.  Over the years, I've learned from the Holy Spirit how not to allow others to make your giftings known in an unknown season.  Alright, let's keep it one-hundred!  Who doesn't want kudos or accolades from their industry peers?  Who doesn't want a shout-out on social media from a local celebrity?  Who doesn't want their business or dream to pop-off?  Like yourself, I had to ask the hard question.  At what cost am I willing to be seen absent the proper processing? 

Simply Unapologetically Unpolished.......