Uniquely Unpolished


Several years ago upon receiving a call about our grandbaby being abducted, my world was turned upside down.  Misguided by a deluge of emotions ranging from bitterness, rage and even insensitivity towards God's help.  Although I never stopped loving or needing God, allowing the Holy Spirit to take charge of my mind and detangle the acidity of deception and infiltrate the crushing words of shame seemed improbable! When I crawled on God's altar and was altered, His ineffable winds of love blew away the pain, strengthening my resolve and syncopating my will with His.  Needless to say, in reflection upon what appeared as a formidable problem, I realize the sovereign hand of God was not only orchestrating the return of our grandbaby, but fortifying the imperativeness of understanding the proper context of change.

The Tenacity of Unmasking

It appears that they don't like me Lord. Why am I always the one they seem to ignore? Why is my love unrequited? Perhaps like many of us, you quake within your very being as you recount the many times you were looked over, passed by or simply left behind; as a child or adult.  May I submit to you that before daring to be whole again we must be willing to allow God to repair the structure of our hope.  Otherwise, we deter the finality of unmasking bitterness through the invoking of change in every facet of our lives.

I believe we can all agree that we need to surrender more of our impaired visions of grandeur (having it altogether all the time) to God.  If we would relinquish our right to control the situation, activate our divine GPS (God's Gift Positioning System), and demobilize our flesh lead GPS system the unmasking will be effortless.

Haven't we spent way too much time blaming our parents, friends, spouses, children, ourselves and yes, even God for the times we felt neglected, dismissed, abandoned and unwanted? So, here we are at a crossroad naked, transparent and under the providential care of a God who sees us, is for us and is always with us.  Now what?

Unapologetically Unmasked

The authenticity in which we choose to unmask the debilitating effects of bitterness lies within our willingness to not deify the issue, but worship Christ. According to the book of Revelations 12:11 which says, "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony..." (KJV).  The forces of good and the forces of evil equate to a timeless truth that victory rarely comes without a fight and success without a sacrifice.  Does this Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ concede that anything worth achieving is worth the battle?  You see, not being ashamed of the Gospel can also equate to being unapologetically unmasked by Grace right where we are!  In other words, why remain broken and masked when you have been eternally repaired?

I want to encourage and provoke you to ponder a truth -- no matter where we are in the process of unmasking bitterness in our lives, we hinder God from healing what we're concealing!  Today, declare by faith every bondage, every limitation broken off in Jesus Mighty Name!  For the velocity in which you disentangle, disengage, disembark from the mindset of bitterness and embrace the sufficiency of God's Grace, the sooner you will be HEALED WITHOUT SCARS at the ROOT.