You’re bigger than the thing that could tear me apart.
You’re bigger than HIV, cancer, or any financial problem. For I know You’re great in all the earth.

Too often we look for the self-made heroes in our lives to rescue us from the insurmountable trappings of life only to end up disappointed.  Is it because the search and rescue of the soul require One Who is bigger than the dysfunctional tactics of men?  You see the inherent danger with superficial heroes is their ability to make us believe and doubt simultaneously.  In other words, God is bigger because he doesn't sentence us to pain, he simply entrusts us with it! 

Whatever you're facing now know that the stripes on Jesus' back are bigger.  In actuality, they were bigger when we were in our mess and loving it! We make God bigger than our circumstances when we authentically acknowledge Him through the behavioral response of trusting his hand even when we don't understand!  True worship is an act of obedience in response to the One we make bigger than ourselves.

Now ruminate on that for a minute . . . . .