Recently upon our completing a early morning meeting, my husband and I decided to have brunch at one of our favorite local restaurants.  Much to our surprise, apparently everyone else had the same idea.  What's most  interesting about our non-responsiveness to the lengthy wait is I'd moments earlier recommended another eatery!  So, off we go hand in hand pushing our way through the high March winds across the parking lot in hopes of a more favorable outcome.

As we dined sufficiently on the new menu items, we found ourselves conversing about the process of change.  And how when our perspectives change we'll come into alignment with the appointed season and the shift will always release understanding of the unseen's purpose.

With our palates satisfied and our waistbands a little tighter (I know we're not the only ones!) we proceeded towards the front entrance.  As we rounded the bend, it was as if time had come to a screeching halt.  Suddenly, I collide and connect with a young man whose standing in the foyer engaged in conversation with another young lady. 

As we lock eyes, he abruptly ends his conversation turning towards me h says "Excuse me, but aren't you Pastor Pittman?" As he refreshes my memory and we walk down memory lane, I inquire about the new and exciting things he's embarked upon in the new year! 

Immediately, I notice his mannerism and countenance changes.  I'd cross the threshold for which God had purposed us to access that day.  In reflection, I realize the very heartbeat of this young man's secret petition was to uniquely collide with God's will during the impending season of transition.  Unequivocally, there's nothing more disheartening to see than an individual who recognizes the season, but is bound by another's interpretation of their timing! 

With eyes wide open.  I'm in great anticipation of hearing how God's enlarged the place of his tent since we last spoke.  With elongated breaths, he says "I'm working with a clothier in Pentagon City.  I'm still worshiping at the same church. I know I'm in a season of transition. I've been there soo long.  I haven't done what I believe God's speaking because I don't want to leave without having a covering."  To which I asked, "Who can cover God?"  Silence!  Apparently, the thought-provoking question revoked the spirit of religiosity's access privileges.

I know this will probably ruffle the feathers of other Pastors, however, if you've ever encountered the indwelling presence of Christ within me, you know that's what I do!  It's an incontrovertible truth "truth comes to offend" anything contrary to the word of God!  Standing in front of us was a young man who'd clearly been "equipped for the work of ministry" (Ephesians 4:12-16 ESV)  but was spiritually marginalized due to erroneous indoctrination.  Because of the fluidness in which the Holy Spirit spoke truth you could literally see his thought process change and the veil of self-imposed condemnation dissipate.

For most of us evangelical Christians, it's considered sacrilegious to leave a church without joining another membership right away.  Says who?  Now I'm not talking about a "church hopper" someone whose main objective is to find a church that'll conform to their unwillingness to submit to authority!  No!  I'm talking about someone like myself who in early ministry heard the voice of God instruct me "to come out from among them" and "to go to the place I will show you."  

Simply Unapologetically Unpolished.......