Lord of Hosts, You are with us, With us in the Fire,
With us as a Shelter, With us in the Storm.

For many of us to sit still as children was an insurmountable task, especially when it pertained to playing outside.  Much like today, even as grown adults we often find ourselves wallowing in pools of anxiousness.  Have you ever stopped to realize perhaps the root of being overly eager could very well be related to our innate ability for control? Perhaps it's not authoritative at all, but merely the shielding of our inadequacies before others.   

We’ve all been harassed by the voice of inadequacy. Whether our insecurity focuses on our bodies, jobs, marriages, or relationships, it always seems tp strike where we’re most vulnerable, happy to remind us of all the many ways we don’t measure up.  For many years, I believed Psalm 46:1 which says "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble" referred to a catastrophic disaster, terminal illnesses or violent acts of abuse. 

Contrary to my belief, it's definitiveness was actually wrought in the anxious place of my inadequacies.  Although our inadequacies are real, it's in the intimacy of being still in the Presence of Him who remains constant when the fiery darts of our thoughts attempt to overwhelm us.  In other words, when we master being still and adequately inadequate and allow God to lead us through our fiercest battles,  feeling alone becomes the farthest thing from our mind!  Because we realize we're never alone.

Now ruminate on that for a minute . . . . .