The Gift of Self


It's the New Year 2018 and for many of us, it's the year of new beginnings, grinds, and hustles, vision boards, modified spheres of influence and other like hopeful expectations of self and others!  Our social media outlets are streaming, trending and unveiling in epic proportion our conferences, summits, concerts, pop-up salons and stores with a fierceness and urgency in an attempt to capitalize upon showcasing the better of one's self!  I absolutely applaud the phenomenal visionaries, boss ladies and quiet-storm percolators in their self-empowering efforts for being kingdom chics who rock in lifestyle and integrity!

Although I am grateful for the divine crossover of 2018 and the unleashing of another dimension of being unapologetically unpolished, it was my firstborn's gift on my birthday that herald me into a place of appreciating the gift of self through her eyes!  Like a child, I waited with baited breath at the arrival of my birthday gifts from my daughter and grand-daughter.  Through pierced lips, I meticulously unwrapped each package only to be confronted with a life-changing gift of self.  What do I mean?  You see, the unorthodox gifting was beautifully wrapped with a sparkly pink bow (which is my favorite color) tied around individual cards for each corresponding year of life (nope, not telling you).  Now deeply intrigued, I open the first card only to read the ineffable pouring out of a daughter's heart in handwritten notes!  Each card was depictive of her gratefulness for a life lesson or uniquely unpolished character attribute in my life.

In hindsight, what others may deem as unprofitable, unpolished or gangster attributes may very well be key components to influencing others, right where they are on their journey.  In our quest to effectively evolve and crossover, as women, we should be reminded to never dumb down the previous year's God-assigned detours or afflictions which were good for us.  How so?  That we might authentically reveal the maturating process of being healed without scars or uniquely unpolished yet useful in the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  You see, lying within un-embraced areas of unpolished greatness is another's opportunity to fortify "how never to forget where they came from" or hearing another woman say "you fought for me" when I couldn't fight for myself.  One of the greatest attributes of a Uniquely Unpolished woman is when the prowess becomes unapologetically transparent with self and others. 

Absolutely do the damage control, however, make certain you don't lose sight of or erroneously compartmentalize the unpolished treasures of your character to the detriment of potentially impacting another woman's life in 2018.  In other words, give yourself the gift of self in the building up relationally of the kingdom and not an empire unto yourself!

Amidst our flaws, the unrequited love of a family member, the exposed tenderness of a past failure, the compromise of self-worth and yes, even the regretful articulation of our words, do not eradicate the unique-ability we've been empowered to reveal in the earth through Jesus Christ!  See yourself through the eyes of Him who sees your unpolished areas as intrinsic of the uniqueness of the image in which you were created.

So, take a moment and visualize how detrimental the absence of the character and integrity lessons you encountered in 2017 would've been to your assigned circle of influence and give yourself the gift of self; unpolished and all for the building up locally and abroad of the Kingdom!

Simply Unapologetically Unpolished.......